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Admin•It is custom application developed by ServiceSoft to support administrators of MKP USA events. The application is browser-based and runs on the Salesforce platform.

Home Dashboard shows Finance and Readiness Form information for Open events for Staff, Participants and MOS.

Developed over 15 months, Admin•It is now being used by the Area Administrator, Finance Coordinator and Weekend Admins in South Central to manage MKP events (NWTA, PIT, ST1, etc).

The application is out of the beta stage of development, and is ready to roll out to 2 or 3 additional MKP USA Areas.


Some of the features are listed below. A clearer idea of the scope of the application is better communicated in a live demo.


Manage event details: Dates, Times, Administration Staff and Leaders, Deadlines for Participants, Venues


Register Participants, Staff and MOS for events, track payments and form submission


Enter data for expenses, leader stipends and check requests; generate corresponding forms that are identical to MKP forms.


Access contact information for specific Areas, send emails to lists


Enter all data for Event Report and print PDF. All reports are readily accessible in one location (not multiple PDFs spread across a Google Drive).


Enter all data for Incident and print PDF. All reports are readily accessible in one location (not multiple PDFs spread across a Google Drive).


Enter data for Venues and easily add a Venue to Events without re-entering data.


Housing Layouts are created from a pull-down menus that contains all  Participants, Staff and MOS registered for a given Event. Print a PDF with an overview and individual cabin assignments.


Enter all data for and print PDF. All documents are readily accessible in one location (not multiple PDFs spread across a Google Drive).


A simple, shared To Do List. Items can be assigned to individuals (or not), and collaborators can be added to tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ServiceSoft?
ServiceSoft is a company created by Tim Chumley to handle the licensing of the Admin•It app. Tim is the current Area Steward for MKP USA South Central, and was the Area Administrator from March, 2019, to December, 2022. Over the 17 years of involvement with MKP, Tim has filled a number of roles.

What is Admin•It, and why was is developed?
As South Central Area Admin, I was tasked with administering 5 NWTAs and another 5 to 8 events per year with a single tool: Google Sheets. The only way then (and now) to get data into Google Sheets was to “scrape” MKPConnect web pages and copy/paste the information into a spreadsheet. I found this to be not only archaic, but unsupportive of the individuals who shoulder the task of administering multiple complex events each year — typically with no compensation.

With more than two decades experience developing database-driven business tools on other platforms, I decided to build a comprehensive application that was specific to this very specific set of tasks. During the first 12 months and 800-plus hours of development, MKP USA offered no support — the opposite, in fact, as I was told there was “no path forward” for this project. Fortunately, a few months ago MKP USA reversed course and has blessed the roll-out of the app to a few additional Areas.

Is there a fee to use ADMINENT?
Yes and no.

1. Licenses of Admin•It are being offered to Areas of MKP for zero cost through (and likely beyond) December 31, 2024.

2. As a recipient of the Salesforce Non-Profit Grant, MKP USA was awarded 10 free licenses to the Salesforce platform. Currently 6 of those licenses are consumed by development and the South Central Area use. That leaves 4 free licenses available. (Additional licenses beyond the first 10 cost approximately $620 / year.)

3. Admin•It requires one license per active user of a document management application, PDFButler. This application connects the data in Salesforce to template files so that PDFs can be generated. These licenses are approximately $120 / year each.

4. Finally, the Premier Support Plan, which has been a valuable asset in the configuration of MKP-specific elements of the application, costs $1823 / year. This cost has been covered through March, 2025. If the Support Plan is renewed, each user license will be required to pay $183 / year.


This application has made the Area Administration more manageable. Decreased time spent administration of NWTA’s drastically. But most important it allows me to cut the time Weekend Admins spend away from staff by hours.

Ed Creagh

Area Administrator

It’s pulled all the parts and pieces of the data and forms to manage quickly. The ease to update changes, as you know will happen, makes keeping up and even ahead possible.

Tom Fris

Weekend Admin

This is an essential tool for every AFC. Easily track and manage participant, staff and mos team payments, payment plans and scholarships, as well as leader payments and expense reimbursement/ check requests. A must have.

Craig Tennant

Area Finance Coordinator

This tool has made Weekend Administrator much easier to meet deadlines and your ability to participate in weekend activities. It takes care of the minutia.

Eric Narvaez

Weekend Admin

The new app simplifies the administration of an NWTA by providing a consistent, reliable and easy approach to managing the large amounts of data for an NWTA. The app is an excellent solution with one-click reports, data views and data entry forms for the most important information needed during an NWTA!

Thor Castillo

Weekend Admin

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